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Here’s how it works… The consultation is free. It consists of a tour of your property, which allows for measurements of the house to be taken and for existing structures, trees, landscape, grades and soil conditions to be assessed. Then, a discussion with you about ideas, styles, possible concerns and, of course, budget will take place. Prior to this conversation, you will be asked to fill out the form below. Also, please have on hand a printed copy of your lot plan (if available) as well as images of styles, materials, colours or else you like. It is always very helpful and highly recommended.

At this point, a price range can be given.

Based on the scope of your project, the price for a landscape design plan and full quote will be established. A small project’s plan and quote usually starts around $75 and goes up according to its complexity level. Know that this fee will be credited should you go ahead with the project.

Lamarche Picard’s quotes are accurate and always reflect the final price. No bad surprises or hidden fees await you at the end of the construction.

The plans are detailed two-dimensions computer drawings. They are conceptual plans that can be modified to better suit your needs and tastes. 3D drawings and virtual tours are also available, at an extra cost, to facilitate the visualization.

Home front stairway with dog

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Ad, online search, referral, other? If by referral, please let us know who.
For example: table, number of chairs, BBQ, smoker, couch, hot tub, storage box, etc.
This is really important since it influences the design, size, features and material selection.
Here is a sample pricing to provide a rough idea of what to expect for various average-size interlock projects:
• City home driveway fully paved with interlock including new granular base ($8,000 - 15,000)
• Partial interlock driveway in front of the garage with two-feet wide sides along the driveway ($3,000 - 7,000)
• Ground level patio ($5,000 - 10,000)
• Raised patio ($8,000 - 20,000)
• Walkway ($2,000 - 5,000)
• Front yard landscape ($6,000 - 12,000)
• One pillar ($600 - 1,100)
• Retaining wall 2' high x 100' long ($6,000 - 10,000)

We hired the guys to redo our front landscaping, stairs, flower beds and walkway, and they delivered perfection. I had done two other quotes that were in the same price range but Lamarche Picard had a higher quality drawing and a more detailed quote, making us feel confident about their work. They were very punctual, kept the place spotless and took their time to deliver the highest finish possible. They were very polite and professionnal and take time to listen to your qestions. – Marc, Russell